I am proud to offer safe, affordable, and profound holistic health services just minutes from downtown San Jose, California.

If you enjoy bodywork that blends the therapeutic and nurturing with the sensual, then you are certain to appreciate mine. By interweaving traditional bodywork techniques with an unconventional, eclectic, and full-bodied approach to touch, I am able to guide you on a relaxing and rejuvenating journey. My work is highly intuitive and personalized to meet your individual needs. I'm happy to address any questions or concerns you may have so that I can tailor the session to your needs.

I work on an oversized state-of-the-art table with a crescent face cradle for better head and neck support. I only use cotton flannel sheets on the table and offer additional blankets for your comfort.  I also use a massage table-heating pad and/or a room heater when the temperature drops. Allowing you to be as comfortable as possible. Special Note: For Chair Shiatsu I use a padded Shiatsu massage chair and for Floor Shiatsu I use heated 3" thick Thai Massage Mats.

A word on draping. The client is in control concerning draping. I will not know about skin irritations/allergies/sensitivities unless the client advises. Please let me know so that your needs are met. Also, my studio provides you with complete privacy.

I am certified at the International Institute for Medical Qi Gong through the Hunan University of Beijing, China with a Masters of Qi Gong and am currently finishing the Doctor of Medical Qi Gong program.   My formal training has provided me with the practical and spiritual tools to help you release stress, ease tensions and relax completely.  I have also studied extensively at the Acupressure Institute of Berkeley, California.

With conducive music, and a few deep breaths we can begin. Integrating eastern and western modalities to give a Combined Bodywork Session which best accentuates the healing process and follows an intuitive natural blending of light, medium and firm pressure to completely unlock and restore the body's natural energy pathways.  I combine training in Shiatsu (pronounced She-At-Su), Acupressure, Medical Qi Gong (pronounced Chee-Gung), Anmo/Amma, Sound Therapy/Tonal cleansing as well as Swedish type bodywork*, to create the optimal healing bodywork experience.  

(Swedish type bodywork* Note: Although some of the moves/strokes of the oil/lotion-oriented bodywork are similar to Swedish in application they have a foundation in the deepest Taoist tradition and intention: Course Series = Acupressure Oils Massage taught at the Acupressure Institute.)

Acupressure, like acupuncture, is based on the the principles of energy (chi) flow through the 14 meridians (energy channels) of the body which are a fundamental concept of Traditional Chinese (or Oriental) Medicine (TCM). This ancient Chinese technique involves the use of finger pressure (rather than needles) on specific points along the body to treat ailments such as tension and stress, aches and pains, menstrual cramps, or arthritis. The system is also used for general preventative health care. Although sometimes used as a synonym for Shiatsu , Acupressure is usually applied to a limited number of points to treat a specific condition, while Shiatsu, as practiced in the West, is generally given as as a whole body massage addressing as many points as possible in the time allowed.

Amma Therapy (sometimes spelled Anma)is the traditional word for massage in Japanese. It comes from the Chinese system of Anmo which is over 5,000 years old. When Anmo was brought to Japan it was further refined into its own therapeutic system. Amma is a system of bodywork therapy that uses traditional oriental medical principles for assessing and evaluating imbalances in the energetic system based on the 14 principle meridians or energy channels of the body. Through the structure of kata (choreographed movement), Amma teaches us the importance of rhythm, pacing, precision, and form in massage.

Anmo, like acupuncture, is based on the the principles of energy (chi) flow through the 14 meridians (energy channels) of the body which are a fundamental concept of Traditional Chinese (or Oriental) Medicine (TCM).

Chair Shiatsu/Chair Massage is by far the most convenient method of massage therapy. A chair massage session typically lasts 15-30 minutes, and is performed while fully clothed. Chair massage promotes better circulation, muscle stimulation and stress relief. This form of massage reduces tension in the back, neck, shoulders, head, arms, hands, legs or feet, providing a deep relaxation effect. (Based on the the principles of energy (chi) flow through the 14 meridians (energy channels) of the body which are a fundamental concept of Traditional Chinese (or Oriental) Medicine (TCM).)

Ear Coning/Candling is a simple and safe way of removing excess wax and toxins from the inside of your ears. The process is very relaxing and soothing. Ear coning was used by the Egyptians, American Indians and European healers. As the cone is burning, excess ear wax is removed from the ear canal into the inside of the cone. The smoke soothes the nasal and sinus cavities. Aside from helping remove ear wax, ear coning may improve your hearing, smell, taste, vision and color perception. It will also detoxify the sinus and lymph system; You may even feel your headaches decreasing.

Medical Qigong is the 5,000 year-old Taoist (natural) art and science of cultivating energy. "Qi" is vital energy and "Gong" is skill. Medical Qigong is a major component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is based on the energetic meridian system of the body. By using gentle movements, breathing techniques, and mental concentration, one can generate, circulate, strengthen, and cleanse the life force (Qi) within oneself. The practice of Qigong can lead to greater vitality and health, as well as a more peaceful state of mind.

Shiatsu is a manipulative therapy developed in Japan incorporating techniques of Anma (Japanese traditional massage), acupressure, stretching, and Western massage. Shiatsu involves applying pressure to special points or areas on the body in order to maintain physical and mental well being, treat disease, or alleviate discomfort. This therapy is considered holistic because it treats the whole person instead of a specific medical complaint. All types of acupressure generally focus on the same pressure points and energy pathways, but may differ in terms of massage technique. Shiatsu, which can be translated as finger pressure, has been described as needle-free acupuncture.

Hot Stone Therapy is a balanced and grounded bodywork experience for your client, ranging from soothing relaxation to deeply therapeutic. A multifaceted technique designed to benefit the client and therapist at once. The therapeutic potential of this treatment goes beyond measure applied to the body in various ways to bring about relief to stiff and sore muscles; resulting in alleviation of chronic and acute problems that many of us deal with on a daily basis. The session instantly connects one's soul and offers warmth, cooling, vibrations and sound through the application of the stones to the body. Clients love the potent recharge they receive in the treatment especially when the application involves the simple Taoist concept of balancing Yin and Yang.

Sound Therapy/Tonal Cleansing is a series of spoken or unspoken words/sounds that are coordinated with breathing and the movements of the body's extremities to purge and cleanse the organ cavities and particular channels of stagnant Qi.

Mud applications (face and neck) earthen clay, herbs and nutrients are gently massage onto your skin surfaces to cleanse and rejuvenate for a fresher, younger looking face.

C Esta Facial a face and neck massage using a unique cream that firms and fights future skin damage. Contents: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C Ester and DMAE.

I use biotone products for the Swedish type* bodywork.

Note: Bodywork Contra-indications: Serious or recent strains, contusions, cuts, scrapes, infections, malignancies, areas that are swollen/discolored/warm/painful, vasular problems (including heart disease and high blood pressure), the legs and feet of diabetics, and any areas without feeling.

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